Some Wedding Advice Before You Start Planning

7 Things You Should Avoid Doing at Your Wedding Reception Venue

Here are the top 7 things we recommend you don’t do at your wedding. They are a matter of opinion, and some are hard to avoid.

Wedding reception venue in Las Vegas, NV1. Don’t have the bar in a different room. If you have old friends at your wedding, they will most likely be hanging out at the bar. You want to keep all the guests in one room only, so try to have the bar set up inside the main room.

2. Don’t try to control the entire DJ program. Let the pros do their job but still give your input. You want to enjoy your wedding, not become the music selector at it.

3. Don’t cut the cake too late. It takes a long time to get through this if your guests are dancing already and they have to get back to their tables. Cut the cake while they are having dinner; this way they will all see you, and the cake can be served right after they are done eating.

4. Avoid expensive alcohol. Middle to lower shelf bar will do just fine unless you are trying to impress someone. There is no point in spending extra money on expensive alcohol.

5. Don’t do shots with your guests! Many weddings end too early because of drunkenness, and in general, you should not allow shots at your wedding reception venue at all.

6. Going around to see all your guests after dinner is a mistake! If you have 200 guests at your wedding, and you spend 30 seconds with each, that is over an hour and a half. Do a third of the tables first, then after a while do the rest.

7. If you are having a buffet dinner, make sure the line is two sided! One sided lines for 100-140 guests will take forever to go through. Your wedding reception venue might become $100 more expensive, but it is money well spent.

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