Tips for Beach Themed Reception Venue Services

Want to Hold Your Reception Outdoors?

Having a wedding ceremony on a beach will need special permission, which is why it is crucial you first check with your local laws before you plan you wedding reception venue to be on the beach. Also, seeing to the comfort and safety of the guests must be kept in mind too, when planning beach weddings. An alternative venue must be considered, just in case of bad weather on the Big day. Casual dress codes and food will help the guests feel more comfortable at your beach themed wedding.

Weddings which are beach themed can be quite easy to organise. Most times, a small beach wedding only calls for the guests to arrive. In some regions, though, you may need a permit. This usually applies to larger weddings. When asking about permits, wedding planners must double check all the rules and regulations on the beach in question.

For instance, some beaches will not permit anyone to build fires or create too much noise. If a wedding is planned for later in the day, the planner must find out how late the wedding party is permitted to remain on the beach. Weather does change quickly on sometimes, so planning an alternate location is highly recommended. This will come extra handy if a beautiful sunny day turns cloudy and cold. The wind is always an issue on beaches, so remember to hold the wedding ceremony close to a sheltered cove. This will buffer the wedding party and guests from the wind.

Also, check to see if the wedding will be at a high or low tide. This will prevent anyone getting their feet wet during the ceremony. The sun can also be dangerous for beach themed weddings. Sunburns and heat strokes are the two most common issues with too much exposure. Even though most will bring their own, sunscreen and umbrellas must be made available for everyone.

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